Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Holiday Hiatus

Another Philadelphia Christmas tradition, the lights at what was Wannamakers- now Macy'sLunch at Ho Sai Gi on 10th Street- Yummy!

New Years day isn't a party without the crazy Mummers!Chinatown on New Years Day
Dinner is almost served!
My girl with her new pal Vincenzo made by etsy artist outlawheartcreations
My beautiful daughter with her ukelele......
Our 12 ft. Christmas tree...

So here I am emerging from all the Holiday hub bub~ wrapping, running around, cooking, baking- all the things that go along with this most wonderful yet crazy time of year. I had a great season, beginning with my annual Christmas party which is always fun and I so much enjoy welcoming friends, new and old into our home. Christmas itself is usually quiet, our tradition being that my daughter and I attend the early service at our church and when my husband comes home from playing in the praise team, we all eat pizza and watch "It's a Wonderful Life" next to a blazing fire. On Christmas day we breakfast with dear friends, come home and rest and then settle in for a big roast beast dinner. As an independent artist, I was also very busy with my work, hosting an open studio at the beginning of the month and running various specials and sales in my web presence, especially on etsy. I have to say honestly though, and this isn't probably the smartest thing as someone who needs to sell her product, but there came a time when I was becoming tired and depressed at the cacophany of e-mails in my inbox daily enticing me to buy this item and that. Around the 16th, I decided that I didn't want to be a part of it anymore, that I needed to sit back and enjoy and reflect on what the season was really about- the birth of Christ. This is not an indictment of anyone else, it IS the biggest selling season of the year and, next year, you may be getting e-mails from me right up until Dec. 25. But this year, I just felt the need for something else. Needless to say, I didn't sell a lot, but that's ok, because what I got was a chance to reflect on and appreciate the most important things in my life~ family, friends, health, my gifts and talents, our home...the fact that I indeed have "a Wonderful Life" and that was what made my holiday season so special...

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