Friday, January 14, 2011

Flying through Life Creative Challenge Day-4

This one is going back to a way of painting that I did years ago- painting my internal life and feelings rather than something outside of myself. Continuing on my theme of mother and daughter, this painting depicts Kayla and I flying through life, me holding her hand , us wearing the mommy daughter dresses I made for us when she was little, keeping her safe, showing and teaching her about so many things along the way.....animals, art, music, "eat your fruits and vegetables", tying her shoes, planets, being kind, Jesus, "if you give a mouse a cookie", books....everything. I can't help but worry now with her preparing to go to college "did I do it right? Did I teach her the right things? Will she take what I have taught her and make good with her life?" It's all gone so fast... we can't be done yet, I don't know if I am ready to let go of that hand.... tear....

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  1. Hi Karen, Your link has a typo from inspiration avenue. It took me a minute to figure out. lol I have done that typo thing and totally hate that. Thought you should know, any how. love your colorful paintings and especially the mom and child from a previous post! Glad to meet you & happy creating!! ~Theresa