Monday, January 21, 2013

New thoughts as they trickle in...

Some belated New Years Resolutions....(It's still the New Year right ?)

#1 Done!
1. Buy fresh flowers twice a month

2. Burn more scented candles when I am home alone working

3. Eat dinner with fancy plates and candles with my hubby in the dining room for no special reason.

4. Eat dinner with fancy plates and candles by myself in the dining room for no special reason.

5. Clean out the jacuzzi and use it.

6. Burn more fires in the fireplace or pit.

That's it for now.. like I said, it's a trickle....

addendum: 7. Schedule one day a month on the calendar to  plan, dream, organize schedule and reflect on items pertaining to my art and life.

What are your plans or thought for making the New Year different or better ?


  1. I like your "resolutions"! My husband was the one to initiate sitting in the dining room instead of the kitchen a few years ago and it is fancy plates or candles yet though!
    I started my new year out with a new look for myself....still getting used to it!

  2. You go AnnMarie! I purposely stayed away from the usual.. lose weight etc... just thinking of small ways to make my day to day life richer.. Thanks for your reply!

  3. Nice list - I love having fresh flowers around. Really pulls the house together and makes it welcoming. :)

  4. Sounds like a great plan. Post it where you can see it. These are sweet reminders to enjoy life.

  5. Good idea about posting where I can see it! Will do :0)

  6. Your list of "resolutions" looks good to me. Pampering, even if you have to do it for yourself, is a "good thing".

  7. Great list. It teaches you to appreciate what you have instead of looking for "greener grass" elsewhere! I especially like the fresh flowers one. I used to wish I'd have them too. Now I do splurge occasionally and it does brighten my day. :)

  8. Sounds great! I need to add to my list!!!

  9. Great list - sometimes it's the simple things we do that add so much to our life.

  10. love the list! Number 2 is on my own list and I love number 7 :)

  11. Fantastic list! I especially love number 3 :)

  12. A great list to pick from when its time to relax.