Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Offending Foot

It felt so good to get into the studio the other night. I am working on a commission which I can't say much about, because it's a gift and therefore on double secret probation :0) I worked on some sketches but have been slow to get into the studio to paint, because I have a cast on my right foot, due to plantar fasciitis which just won't heal. My studio is in a separate building behind my home, so I have been reluctant to traverse the stairs and driveway without anyone at home. I also have not been able to go to the clay studio because I can't drive which has made the last few weeks particularly boring. The other night I did get my husband to help me out to the studio and settle me onto a stool in front of my easel so I could get going on this secret painting. I got a lot done, but wasn't able to do as much as I would have liked as it gets really uncomfortable sitting on a little metal stool for too long.

I have done some reading for my book club. We are reading "The Delany Sisters: Having Our Say Our- First Hundred Years. Lately I have been watching Twin Peaks on Netflix I never watched it in its hey day but I am totally hooked! I love the campy melodrama, the music, the overacting- it's awesome! I love Agent Cooper and his maxims- "Give yourself a present every day. Don't plan it or look for it, just do it. It can be a longer shower or just a hot cup of good joe. You deserve it" I think I am going to try to do just that :0)

My handy dandy knee scooter....

The offending foot.....

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